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Hello Rogers tv Crew!

Being a volunteer at Rogers tv is a fun, meaningful and rewarding experience.  Our goals are to enable people who have a passion for television production to gain hands-on experience in both on-air and technical areas through continuous training and coaching from our staff. In addition, volunteering at a community station is one way to learn more about your community and become more involved by helping to promote local organizations in your region.

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Descriptions of Rogers tv Workshops and procedures relating to all training sessions provided below

Rogers tv offers a series of progressive production training workshops for volunteers. All new volunteers are required to take the basic level workshop and to demonstrate an understanding of the production concepts included before moving on to the next level.  Pre-requisite training is required to attend the more advanced workshops. The purpose of developing a progressive series of workshops for volunteers is to help us enhance the quality of our local productions and to help you enjoy your volunteer experience in community television more thoroughly.  A minimum and maximum number of participants are required for each session, so sign up by contacting Volunteer Resources if you’re planning to attend.

Production Schedule
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