Volunteer Position Descriptions

Volunteers usually begin in basic level positions. As you gain more experience and training, you have the opportunity to move into positions requiring more responsibility and providing more challenge. Below are the most commonly available positions at Rogers tv.


CAMERA OPERATOR - The camera operator provides the shots the director requests.. An experienced camera operator will suggest different and interesting shots. During mobile production, the camera operator will help set up and take down the camera.

AUDIO OPERATOR - The audio operator sets up all microphones, cues audio tapes, CDs and mixes all the sound sources including studio microphones, music, and VTR.

VIDEOTAPE OPERATOR - The videotape operator will run both playback and record functions on the VTR.

GRAPHICS / CHARACTER GENERATOR - The graphics operator may design and generate titles using a graphics computer and add graphics to the video during the production according to the director’s cues.

FLOOR DIRECTOR - The floor director is the director’s right-hand person in the studio and on mobile shoots. They are responsible for making sure the set and lighting are ready to go, helps with sound checks and makes the talent comfortable. The floor director gives time and specialty cues to the talent and supervises tear down and equipment storage.

CALL-IN COMMUNICATIONS - The call-in communications operators handle incoming and outgoing calls necessary for call- in programs. As well, the call-in communications operators are responsible for putting the caller to air during the show.



SWITCHER - The switcher selects the video source to be broadcast. Currently, many of our directors also serve as our switchers.

DIRECTOR - The director calls the shots and is responsible for whatever happens on location, in the studio and in the control room. The director has an eye on everything including the time, camera shots, audio levels, crew and content of the program, and is responsible for the finished look of the program.

ENG EDITOR - The ENG editor produces a story from an ENG shoot either from a paper edit provided by the reporter or from rough tape using a variety of linear and non-linear editing techniques. 

ENG SHOOTER - The ENG shooter is the camera and audio operator during an ENG shoot. They are also responsible for proper lighting and ensuring that all the necessary elements of an ENG story are recorded on tape.

PROMOTIONS - The Promotions assistant is required to help in the planning and execution of promotional events. They also write press releases and prepares other promotional material.

MAKEUP ARTIST – The makeup artist applies makeup to the hosts and/or guests prior to the show, and maintains the look as required.